Comprehensive Career Services

CCS sets employees up for success by assisting them in job development, interviewing skills and resume writing, cultivating positive workplace behavior and habits, as well as building upon and enhancing job skills and social skills.

Comprehensive Career Services (CCS) is a staffing, recruitment and consultation service assisting adults with developmental disabilities to secure jobs and to develop and utilize skills that facilitate valued lifestyles involving choice, self-determination, social integration and productivity.

Our service accomplishes this mission through a form of person-centered vocational planning called “discovery of personal genius” and by fostering supportive relationships with employers that facilitate the development of customized employment opportunities. Individualized on and off-the-job coaching helps people served to learn the skills needed for their jobs in their personal learning style and gives employers the tools to better understand, communicate with and support their employees. While most jobs are in community-based businesses, work experience and training are also available in the CCS yard-work crew. Because entrepreneurial spirit is not limited by disability, CCS also offers support and assistance to individuals who wish to be self employed.

Department Director

Marche Hines

Hours & Location

Monday - Friday, 8:00AM - 2:30PM

1707 E St, Suite 2
Eureka, CA 95501

(707) 443-7077

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Business Consultation Services

CCS meets with local businesses in order to assess how they operate, what works well for the business, and areas of potential opportunity. As an innovative employment service we maximize business efficiency by researching your individual business needs and connecting you with the right candidate from our pool of capable applicants, as well as providing assistance in training and employment support. CCS staff assists in initial training of our hired employees, as well as providing ongoing assistance in developing skills, learning new techniques, and helping employees fit into the culture of your company.

Our applicants participate in a thorough discovery process to determine skills and career goals before they are available for hire. This in depth and person-centered process helps match applicants’ long term goals and appropriate skills with your business needs. This provides an optimum fit between your business needs and the employee that maximizes the efficiency of your business.

How CCS Can Help You

  • Provide dependable, motivated employees
  • Reduce business training costs
  • Ongoing personal support
  • Business efficiency consultation
  • Skilled and trained staff resources
  • Connections to other local businesses
  • Build a more diversified workforce
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