Bay Center Day Services

Bay Center Day Services provide life skills to help consumers be successful and independent in their communities.

Bay Center’s many offerings provide coaching in four major functional areas:

  • Vocational skills
  • Day-to-day life skills
  • Behavioral skills
  • Community integration

Within these categories, support is tailored to meet the wants, needs and functional level of the individual served. Our service provides opportunities to develop life-enhancing skills and raise levels of independence in community settings. This in turn fulfills an important part of HCAR’s mission to provide foundation for full community inclusion.

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Hours & Location

Monday - Friday, 8:00AM - 2:30PM

1001 Searles St
Eureka, CA 95501

(707) 441-8625

Work Skill Opportunities

Many people choose to practice work skills by performing one of the paid jobs offered such as our confidential file document-shredding service or folding and delivering the Tri-City Weekly Newspaper. In addition to paid jobs, individuals are given opportunities to give back to their community by participating in volunteer work. Volunteer locations include the Humane Society, the Rescue Mission thrift store, the American Cancer Society thrift store, Food for People food bank, Silvercrest elderly care home, Northern California Indian Development Council, and the Senior Resource Center. Community service keeps participants in regular contact with other community members and helps to develop a solid support system, as well as giving individuals a sense of individual pride and satisfaction.

Building Independence

To promote independence and community involvement, individuals served are given opportunities to use public transit, make purchases in the community, training in computer and internet literacy, and work on communication skills. Opportunities to pursue personal hygiene, cooking and nutrition are also offered to increase independence, self-esteem and self care.

Community & Leisure

We work hard to advocate for equal access to the community and preferred activities. We offer a wide selection of recreational activities including bowling, swimming, going to local parks and the zoo, just to name a few. Being out in the community with peers and among other members of the community provides individuals the opportunity to make connections, enhance social skills and learn about their neighborhoods.

Individualized Service Plan

We help each person meet their goals through individualized programming in an adaptive environment. As a program of HCAR we are committed to empowering everyone we serve with choices and opportunities for growth. To ensure this, everyone has an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) which is referenced frequently to check on goals being met and reassessed annually to make sure goals are still relevant to the individual’s wants and needs. The plan contains goals that address personal learning interests as well as any goals that the person served feels would augment their quality of life. Each individual is encouraged to actively participate in the creation of their goals and our staff provide the support they need to help them be successful and to foster independence and self respect.

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Tutor Service

One-to-one tutor services are available and intended for those who require additional individualized support. This is intended to extend the inclusion of all individuals in all areas of interest as well as a community of equity and opportunity within our program. With this support it is made possible for those with more intense needs to have more choices to participate in activities and acquire skills that they could benefit from.

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