About HCAR

A Long History of Helping

Humboldt Community Access and Resource Center (HCAR) is a private non-profit agency, incorporated in 1955 by a group of dedicated parents seeking an alternative to institutionalization for their children with developmental disabilities. Today, HCAR serves local citizens with disabilities by promoting person-centered planning, community inclusion and family unity through an array of services and supports.

HCAR takes pride in delivering high-quality services that enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities in our community. We are also proud to be expanding our range of services to the general public, including our groundbreaking self determination program.

A Solid Foundation

HCAR administration houses the offices of the Executive Director, Kim Nash; the Accounting Department under the direction of Tanya Fugate; and the Human Resources Department under the direction of Debi Hatfield.

Funding for HCAR’s services comes primarily from Redwood Coast Regional Center. We also receive grant funding from a variety of sources as well as support through donations and through revenue generated from paid work projects and services provided to local businesses. HCAR’s revenue makes it possible to provide consistent services to more than 300 individuals and employment for approximately 200 staff and clients.

A Noble Mission & Vision

HCAR supports people within our communities who have disabilities by connecting them to opportunities, fostering inclusion, and creating programs for learning, living, and employment.
HCAR's Mission Statement
HCAR envisions a future in which we have one community of strong, healthy, individuals, and families.  A place where people with disabilities actively create their futures, have supportive networks, are safe, and thrive in all aspects of their lives.
HCAR's Vision Statement

Who are we?

We Are Pioneers

Before 1954, no services were available to people with developmental disabilities in Humboldt County. A group of Humboldt County parents decided that the prospect of sending their children away to the deplorable conditions in state hospitals was unthinkable and that the concept of keeping them in their community was the best goal. Turning their belief into action, this small group of parents formed an organization, officially incorporated in 1955, that was to become the Humboldt Community Access & Resource Center (HCAR). Since then, HCAR has grown and changed with the times and the needs of people we serve, but we have never wavered from our mission. Before the Lanterman Act, before Regional Centers, HCAR was here providing quality services to people with developmental disabilities.

We Are Leaders

Today, HCAR offers a variety of services that align with our mission. We emphasize individualized, person-centered planning with the active involvement of the people being served—from self-determination services to being members of our Board of Directors.

Unique among service providers in Humboldt County, our staff receive ongoing training through the College of Direct Support—the only nationally recognized, college level, accredited online direct support training program in existence.

HCARs services have been innovative: We were the first agency to provide supported living services in Humboldt County; our award winning fine arts program was the first in the area and one of the first in the nation; we offered the county’s first supported employment program and were the first to embrace the latest “customized employment” approach; we offered training in safe, respectful handling of behavioral issues before it was a local regional center requirement for all service providers. This list continues to grow as we add to and refine our offerings and services.

We Are People

Above all, HCAR is people. People who believe that everyone deserves choices and the opportunity to participate in their community regardless of their abilities. People who believe in honoring and respecting the autonomy and dignity of others. People with the passion, training and experience to provide quality services that meet the high standards we set for ourselves and the needs of the community we serve. People who care.

What do we offer?

The stability and strength of one of the oldest and largest 100% local service providers in Humboldt County.
The only nationally accredited online staff training in the area.
The widest variety of services in the county, all in one agency.
Emphasis on self-advocacy, choice and participation in service planning.
Positive behavioral supports in an environment of respect and dignity.
A commitment to quality services and individualized supports.
People who care about what they do and the people they serve.

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Support HCAR

As a non-profit, we rely on donations and memberships to help with costs that aren't subsidized by regional center funding. Help make an impact in your community and support the many people served through HCAR.

Membership benefits include:

  • Support the oldest service provider for community members with disabilities in Humboldt County.
  • Help provide equipment, supplies, and representation for our community.
  • Exclusive annual events to celebrate our members.
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